About us

About Us

JFLP NAVALES SERVICES Part of the idea, it develops and creates a specialized and professional service, aimed at the professional naval and sports sector in a personalized way, adapting to the real needs of each of the people and users who do not visit, seeking to satisfy their need In a particular way in each moment and for every occasion, creating a circle in such a way that it becomes a customer to our organization.

The idea arises from my own experience as a habitual user in different sectors of Services, Llámense Navales, Nautical, as well as the rent of terrestrial vehicles of particular characteristics for the occasion, the hiring of events and celebrations among others. Given my experience of more than 20 years as a navigator and user of the Naval and Nautical sector, as well as expert in various disciplines, highlighting my professional experience in Naval carpentry and cabinetmaking, knowledgeable of all types of wood used in the sector, both in boats Sailing as an engine as well as high-luxury mega-yachts, where he had the privilege of collaborating and working on designs and execution in different arrange in important boats.

For this reason we have decided, in principle, in this sector we have called NAVALES SERVICES although, as an observation, we develop and have in our catalog other services that wish to expand with professionalism, depending on what the market requests, this is given by My Professional experience in the last 10 years, in recruiting professionals for each discipline, combining synergies to enhance the quality of work.

Our Priority Objective is centered on guaranteeing the success of the service to be provided, with a high index of satisfaction, regardless of the range the need the moment of each person, the user or client, taking into account their requirement or the necessity of the moment.

For this, our infallible personalized method starts from the basis of listening paying close attention to the need and possibilities that each request has to be attended with rigor and professionalism individually.

Our maximum service in quality of service. “The 3 E”, be guided under ISO standards. Efficiency, Effectiveness and Effectiveness will always be our goal.

  • Efficiency In the way of working through the common and structured procedure of data collection and awareness of the needs of the people, users and customers.
  • Efficiency In the way of analyzing, preparing and describing the services requested in time and form, always in constant communication with people, users and customers, under control and quality Quality control always evaluate their satisfactory evolution
  • Effectiveness In the form of performing the service at the reception, during and at the end of it. With understanding, kindness, cordiality and professionalism achieved through the constant communication in the human team of JFLP SERVICIOS NAVALES and of course, with the people, the users and the clients.

Our satisfaction, “THE PROFESSIONAL WORK WELL DONE”, Thank you for trusting us.

J. Francisco Lozano Palazón

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